International Screens


Exclusively at GSC Mid Valley, GSC Pavilion KL & GSC 1 Utama (New Wing)

The GSC International Screens located exclusively at GSC Mid Valley (Kuala Lumpur), GSC 1-Utama (New Wing) and GSC Pavilion Kuala Lumpur are the first of its kind in Malaysia to be dedicated to the screening of non-mainstream, art house and foreign language films.

The 1st GSC International Screens was launched at GSC Mid Valley on 2nd December 1999 with the main objective to cater to the ever growing sophistication of the movie going audience by providing an alternative programming in the form of award-winning non-mainstream films in all languages.  

Subsequently, the International Screens were extended to GSC 1-Utama on 23 June 2005 and GSC Pavilion Kuala Lumpur on 28 November 2007 and where applicable, selected International Screens movies will be extended to selected GSC cinemas outside Klang Valley. Since the launch, dozens of award-winning foreign language films and film festivals have been showcased over the GSC International Screens.

On 26th August 2004, GSC eCinema was launched as an extension of GSC International Screens, with the film “Visits: Hungry Ghost Anthology”, a culmination of four ghost stories by four award-winning local Directors.  GSC eCinema showcases foreign non-mainstream feature films, local mainstream and non-mainstream feature films, as well as, provide an avenue for local short films to be seen, via attachment to a feature film.  GSC eCinema also provides local independent Directors who shoot on digital video cameras, an alternative platform to showcase their work in a cinema without having to convert their work to costly 35mm format.  By providing such an alternative, it is envisaged that GSC eCinema will encourage and build local new talents for both short and feature length films.

The audience profile of the GSC International Screens range from students to adults, comprising middle to upper income group, made up of mostly locals but also including expatriates.  The GSC International Screens movies are well supported by the press in terms of reviews. Apart from having gained a reputation for bringing quality films to the Malaysian audience, it has also carved a niche market for itself amongst discerning viewers.

Monthly e-mailers on the upcoming International Screen movies is being sent to  international screens fans.  Information on the GSC International Screens’ releases is also posted on GSC’s website ( and ), as well as, other entertainment portals.


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